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TRINCON is presenting a comprehensive series of new programs designed to help address the real business issues facing trucking companies today, and explore steps you can take right now to address those issues.

The webinars will focus on providing a new perspective to solutions to the driver shortage problem. Other webinars will provide additional detail on specific aspects of a comprehensive program for improving driver retention and recruiting.

From May through July of this year, the program will highlight such issues as:

        • Driver Development and Retention
        • Creating a “Driver Friendly” business Culture
        • On-boarding and Orientation
        • Effective Recruiting

Register for one of our current webinars today. And check back often for new subjects and dates. You can also contact Trincon to schedule your own webinar.

Current Webinars and Seminars

Solutions for Operational Effectiveness


July 24, 2014 – 11:00 am to 12:00 pm EDT

This is the third in a series of programs Trincon is presenting to discuss the Driver Shortage and take a new look at potential solutions.

If you have improved driver retention, the next step is to focus on overall productivity and profitability – the ability to evaluate business operations and maximize asset utilization – including drivers – in those areas that are going to provide the greatest return.

Maximizing Return on Assets requires management have a clear picture of the contribution every element of your operation has on the “bottom line” and be able to manage your company profitability.

In this webinar Trincon will provide a look at some of the tools and solutions that are able to help you:

  • Better identify your cost of operation – both fixed and variable
  • Identify those elements of your operations and how they impact productivity and profitability, e.g., which customers, lanes, services, etc. – are most profitable
  • Enable you price your services to assure profitability
  • Better understand and predict the impact of decisions before they are implemented
  • To better manage operational performance and accountability

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