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TRINCON is developing a comprehensive series of new programs designed to help address the real business issues facing trucking companies today, and explore steps you can take right now to address those issues.

The webinars will focus on providing a new perspective to the business issues facing the industry, and proven strategies that will enable business growth, productivity and increased profitability.

Please check back later for more specific information and schedules.

Current Webinars and Seminars

Executive Strategies: Succeeding in a Changing Environment


December 11, 2014 – 11:00 am to 12:00 pm EST

On December 11, 2014, Trincon Group, one of the nation’s leading transportation consulting firms will present, at no charge, an educational webinar that will help you succeed in today’s business climate.

Some things change, some stay the same – either way success depends on your ability to anticipate and respond effectively to ever-changing business conditions.

As the US slowly climbs out of the most recent recession, freight volumes are increasing driving demand for transportation services; fuel costs in 2015 are projected to decrease or remain stable ending the upward spiral that had been the norm for the last several years; at the same time the on-going driver shortage and regulation will continue to constrain the supply of available services.

These factors all point to a shift in the dynamics between shippers and trucking firms that could mean the opportunity for increased profitability and business growth for those with the ability to respond effectively. Responding effectively means:

  • Maximizing productivity.
  • Making effective use of all available resources – including drivers.
  • Having the ability to successfully negotiate with shippers.
  • Being able to effectively manage your operations both tactically and strategically.

The key to success lies in information.

  • Knowing your costs – both fixed and variable – as they apply to your specific operation.
  • Knowing what customers and lanes are most or least profitable.
  • Making sure you are being adequately compensated for fuel surcharge.
  • Knowing the impact of various segments of your business on your bottom line – regional, long-haul, warehousing, brokerage, etc.

We’ve all heard a lot from technology vendors about “Big Data” and its potential to impact your ability to manage your business. “Big Data” is not the problem or the answer – the real solution lies in making sense out of the data you have, and being able to effectively apply it to your specific situation and requirements.

The webinar on December 11, will discuss some techniques and tools that will enable you to meet today’s challenges and not only respond, but to thrive in this changing environment.

We encourage you to attend. It’s your business and your future!

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